BFME 2 - ROTWK Code Refence  1.0
Introduction / Disclaimer

This is where you can find every module and its properties used in BFME 2 / ROTWK.

Before you get distracted by all the possibilities, please keep this in mind:

  • This is not for BFME 1, however some may work there
  • Most of these modules exist in BFME 2
  • Certain parts of the documentation is not complete

If anyone wishes more information there they can request it from me, however I will not create a list for BFME 1 or BFME 2 specifically, the information you find here took me months to gather, organize and validate. Feel free to send me a PM on Revora if you run into anything that seems incorrect or that you have more information on!


Ridder Geel